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How Growmigo Predicts Planting Dates

Growmigo uses successful gardener tips to help other gardeners succeed Growmigo uses successful gardener tips to help other gardeners succeed

How Growmigo Calculates Optimal Planting Dates

The best way to explain this is by using an example.

Suzy lives in Hartford, Connecticut and she wants to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. Michael lives in San Diego, California and has already successfully grown tomatoes and cucumbers in his garden for the past 5 years.

At Growmigo we study what Michael did to successfully grow his tomatoes and cucumbers. For example, how much did he water his plants? How often did he water his plants? What variety of cucumbers and tomatoes did he use?

We also collect the weather that enabled his plants to grow successfully. How hot was it during the day? How hot or cold was it during the night? What was the humidity? etc.

After we understand what Michael did successfully for his plants to thrive we take that and “transfer” it to Suzy’s garden in Hartford, Connecticut.  We also match up Suzy’s weather with Michael’s weather to see how they correlate.

Assuming Michael’s garden has optimal conditions to grow cucumbers and tomatoes we can make educated assumptions about how successful Suzy will be growing her cucumbers and tomatoes before she even begins. We can also tell Suzy on what dates she has the best chances of successfully growing her plants.

We don’t only rely only on Michael, we rely on thousands of different "Michaels" around the world, so that we get the most accurate definition of optimal growing conditions.

Over 100 million people take part in home vegetable gardening in the US, Britain and Australia alone, sharing their growing success and failures on gardening blogs, forums and websites. We take their data and plug it into our algorithm. We also take seed breeders’ and seed suppliers’ tips on how to successfully grow their plants and put that into our algorithm as well.

Our confidence in the algorithm comes from the home gardeners themselves. We use their successes to help other gardeners be just as successful.