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Annual Seed Price Comparison Report

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Annual Seed Price Comparison Report reveals up to 900% Price Difference Between Seed Suppliers

The 2018 Annual Seed Price Comparison Report is a report that compares seed prices for top US seed suppliers selling vegetable, herb and fruit seeds to home gardeners and farmers.

The report came to life because of increasing home gardeners’ frustrations with increasing seed prices and decreasing number of seeds per packet.

We have spent months analyzing seed pricing data and the results we found showed prices differences of up to 900% between the different seed suppliers.

Because each supplier has different size seed packets and different prices the only way to compare between them was on a price per seed basis. So what you will see is our analysis based on price per seed.

Here are some of our findings:

Kale seed prices:

The average price for kale seeds for seed packets with less than 100 seeds/packet is $0.069/seed.

The highest price is $0.12/seed sold by Peaceful Valley Farm and the cheapest price is sold by Seed Savers Exchange at $0.022/seed. One supplier is selling at almost 6 times more than the other!

 Kale price per seed dollars


Kohlrabi seed prices:

The average price for kohlrabi seeds for packets with less than 100 seeds/packet is $0.070/seed.

High Mowing Seeds sells seeds at $0.162/seed and sells kohlrabi seeds for $0.025/seed. That’s over 6 times the price/seed between these two seed suppliers!

Kohlrabi price per seed dollars


Cucumber seed prices:

The average price for cucumber seeds is $0.199/seed for seed packets with less than 100 seeds/packet.

West Coast Seeds sells their cucumber seeds for $0.591/seed and New England Seed Company sells them for $0.110/seed. That’s over 5 times price difference between the two suppliers!

 Cucumbers price per seed

The Seed Price Comparison Report does this analysis for hundreds of vegetable, herb and fruit seeds. The price differences between the different suppliers for certain categories are no less than shocking.

The goal is to give you, the home gardener, information to make the best purchasing decisions. Not all suppliers are expensive on all categories. They may be more expensive on one vegetable but cheapest in another. 

In addition to that some suppliers may have the cheapest priced seeds but lack in customer service. Don't judge solely on price, but take price into your considerations.