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About Growmigo

Growmigo is a unique planting calendar used by home gardeners around the world to get accurate and reliable plant growing recommendations for specific garden locations.

I started Growmigo because of a seed that failed to sprout.

A couple of years ago I decided to grow my own vegetable garden in my backyard. I did what many other gardeners did, I started doing my research, joined gardening forums, visited gardening websites, checked my first and last frost date, and ordered seed catalogs from seed suppliers. The general plant growing information was there and I figured, hey, what could go wrong?

It ended with complete failure! Many of my seeds did not sprout, and those that made it to become plants, died because of lack of sun, overwatering and decreasing temperatures. It was a frustrating, and expensive, first experience, and it was all because of inaccruate planting calendars. Clearly I wasn't just going to give up.

I decided to create the most accurate planting calendar. I started to collect all the specific gardening data relevant only to my exact location, which is Boston Massachussetts, and spoke to gardening professionals, and what I found out was that even within the frost-free days there are optimal days to plant and less optimal days to plant. Turns out farmers know their planting dates very accurately because each day variation affects crop yield.

That's how Growmigo was born. I decided to build a gardening recommendation tool and the most accurate planting calendar that accurately predicts the optimal planting dates to increase a gardener's chances of successfully growing plants, before they go and spend so much time, money and energy.

We've gathered growing data from thousands of different gardening related websites worldwide, gardening professionals, and studied the habits of successful gardeners and together with exact weather data constructed an algorithm that predicts growing success before planting, to increase growing success. 

Whether you are a first time gardener or an experienced gardener Growmigo is there to help you make smarter gardening and planting choices. Growmigo is a labor of love and I hope you enjoy using it.