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Seed Price Comparison Report for Home Gardeners

About this report

The results in this report show price discrepancies of up to 900% between the different seed suppliers.

The report analyzes 10 leading seed suppliers in the US market that sell vegetable, herb and fruit seeds online to home gardeners and farmers.

We GUARANTEE that this report will save you money on your next supply of seeds

For our seed report comparing 30 of the top seed suppliers click here

Why buy this report?

Are you getting good prices for your seeds? How do you know?

The report provides in-depth price comparison analysis between the different suppliers and ranks them according to price.

This report will give you the knowledge and information to make the best decisions before you buy your next supply of seeds.

Table of Contents

  • Word from the CEO
  • Vegetable seeds price comparison
  • Herb seeds price comparison
  • Fruit seeds price comparison
  • Summary and supplier ranking

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Growmigo - price report for home gardners

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What our customers have to say

Growmigo - price report - review
Mary J. Latton
"The insights in this report are absolutely amazing! I've been a home gardener for the last 10 years and this report REALLY opened my eyes."
Growmigo - price report - review
Dave Richy
I was shocked when I found out that I’m paying double what I should be paying for my vegetable seeds.
Growmigo - price report - review
Helen Jameson
I use Growmigo all the time before I order vegetable seeds online. I’ve been a user since your first days and am still an avid user of your products.
Growmigo - price report - review
Nathan Stone
"Best money I ever spent..."
Growmigo - price report - review
Jamie Klapper
Seed packets don't seem like much money, but when i buy 10-15 packets every season, makes no sense paying more when you don't have to.
Growmigo - price report - review
Robbie Mack
You know value when you see it. There is A-L-O-T of value for me in these reports