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Seed Price Comparison Report for Businesses

About this report

This report examines 30 top seed suppliers in the US market that sell their vegetable, herb and fruit seeds online to farmers and home gardeners, and do an in-depth price comparison between them on a price per seed basis.

Report consists of 264 pages of detailed price comparison analysis.

Why buy this report?

As more home gardeners participate in home gardening, and more seed suppliers enter the market the need for more information about seed prices is becoming important. 

In the report we provide information on how industry players are pricing their seeds. 

Our findings reveal price differences of up to 900% between the different seed suppliers. 

The ultimate goal of the report is to provide market pricing information that enables seed suppliers and other market players to make the best pricing decisions.


Table of Contents

  • Word from the CEO
  • Summary of total items analyzed
  • Vegetable seeds price analysis
  • Herb seeds price analysis
  • Fruit seeds price analysis
  • Summary and supplier ranking
  • Supplier names and contact details

File size 60MB

Growmigo - Business seed price report

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What our customers have to say

Growmigo - Business price report - review
Alexa Smith
Useful and very informational. Hopefully you will do even more comparisons for next years' report.
Growmigo - Business price report - review
John Growl
Very revealing and informative. Thanks.
Growmigo - Business price report - review
Mike Granger
This was a lot more in depth than I thought - I was surprised for the best.
Growmigo - Business price report - review
Simon Cowell
As a seed seller I wasn't exactly sure how much other suppliers were selling for - this really helped me gage how I need to price my seeds.
Growmigo - Business price report - review
Jose Ramirez
Always good to know where you stand regarding prices with your competitors. Great report.
Growmigo - Business price report - review
Helen O'toole
I use the report to know if my pricing is correct. Great tool for me.