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Successful gardening is about accuracy

Growing successfully is not about “rough estimates”, it’s about selecting accurate planting dates, and following precise planting instructions.

Relying just on frost zones puts your plants at risk

Frost zones will tell you if your plants will survive extreme cold in your area. What about extreme heat? It does not tell you that! Growmigo takes that, and more parameters, in our calculations to ensure that you get the best planting and growing dates for your plant.

Our goal is to save you time, money and energy – and most importantly, save your plants!

Planting your seeds and plants on the optimal days will increase your plants’ chance of successfully growing – reducing expenditures on failed planting attempts.

Farmers have precision gardening tools. Why should home gardeners settle for less?

Farmers know that plant yields can vary even by planting from one day to the next. We believe that home gardeners deserve the same level of accuracy and have the same desire for success in successfully growing plants in their garden.

We’ve done the research for you

We’ve gathered and researched growing information from many different gardening and farming resources, and developed a sophisticated algorithm, to ensure that you succeed every time you plant.

Get full access to researched plant growing information in Growmigo Pro

Accurate researched-based planting dates for your exact location

Unlimited access to all research links

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Growmigo - review
David Giddon
Growmigo enabled me to make smarter buying decisions before spending money on plants that had no chance of growing in my garden.
Growmigo - review
Ron Suller
I use Growmigo all the time before I order vegetable seeds online. I’ve been a user since your first days and am still an avid user of your products. It has been wonderful seeing you grow and expand your product over the last year. Thank you! grow and expand your product over the last year. Thank you!
Growmigo - review
Stephanie Flint
Discovering Growmigo was like a breath of fresh air. I was always frustrated with getting growing instructions that were not relevant to the location of my garden.
Growmigo - review
Kate Miles
I just have one word – smart! Growmigo has made it easy for me to select what to grow.
Growmigo - review
Susan Rand
Thanks to Growmigo I no longer need to know the dates for first frost and last frost…
Growmigo - review
Kate Howard
"....Growmigo is efficient, smart and fun..."

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